The first iPad case is designed specifically for children!

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iPad Mini Screen Covers

Ensure that the vibrancy and clarity of your iPad mini is not compromised by unsightly scratches on your screen. The screen guard film is designed to further protect your device from damage in the form of unwanted scratches. The pre-cut film is a perfect fit as it is exclusively designed to cover the whole glass screen of the iPad Mini. This film is included free when you purchase any Children’s iPad Mini Cover from Kids Cover.

iPad Screen Guard Product Features

  1.          The full iPad Mini display screen is covered by the film
  2.          100% Guaranteed Clear
  3.          Included in the purchase of the screen guard is a microfiber cleaning cloth
  4.          No fuzziness, glue or rainbow marks
  5.          Pre-Cut to be a perfect fit
  6.          The film provides glass like clarity
  7.          Easy to remove without leaving any residue

Film Protector Application Instructions

1.       Clean the iPad Mini display screen using the microfiber cloth provided

2.       Carefully peel the back off the film and apply to the display screen of your iPad Mini

3.       Once you have carefully applied the film, remove the top film. The middle layer will stay stuck to the screen.

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