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  • Want iPad Mini Covers for Kids?

    Many children have their very own iPads, including iPad Mini. They are very popular because they can help to educate children. In fact, over 66% of families with children have some sort of tablets (including iPads). Still, iPad Minis are also quite fragile and will need some form of protection; as children will be dropping and scratching their iPads, after all the iPad Mini doesn’t come cheap! Reliable iPad Protective Cases Getting the right iPad Mini covers for kids isn’t always easy, but w ...Continue reading

  • Child Friendly iPad Covers for All Generations of iPad

    Today, every child has their own electrical device; whether that is a mobile phone, tablet or a music player. But one of the most popular electrical devices children have is the iPad. Children can use their iPads for anything and everything; searching the web, playing games, downloading applications, learning, and much more. Why Invest in a Child Friendly iPad Cover from Kids Cover iPads are fragile, meaning you will want to make sure that it is fully protected. Children are care free and can be ...Continue reading

  • Adults can Choose iPad Protective Cases in Black from Kids Cover

    The brand Kids Cover can be slightly misleading and although accurate in that the product we provide is the children’s iPad case, the use of these iPad protective cases is not limited to iPads used only by children. Yes they come in a range of colours that may be more suited to children but we also provide our covers in black. We’re not saying a adults can’t enjoy an iPad protective cases in vibrant pink or blue, what we’re saying is that if you are looking for a more toned down and cons ...Continue reading

  • Discount Available on Bulk Orders for iPad Covers for Schools

    The versatility of iPads is part of what makes the device so appealing. This is especially so for the purpose of education. Over the years, the average classroom has started to see the emergence of more advanced technology. ICT Suites are common place in schools now with the use of them being incorporated into the curriculum. PCs and laptops have been understood for a long time to be valuable educational tools. The same can be said about iPads. The Cost Effective Solution to Protecting iPads in ...Continue reading

  • iPad Protective Cases Are the Secret to iPad Longevity

    Happy New Year! Christmas is over and we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief! Or can we? Are you one of the many parents that has given in to your child’s demands and bought them an iPad but you’re sat here now gritting your teeth and flinching each time they plonk it down roughly on the table? What do they think it is? Some sort of cheap etch a sketch as opposed to the expensive technologically advanced device it actually is? It is unfortunately true that children do not appreciate the va ...Continue reading

  • Kids Cover iPad Case – EVA Explained

    EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate and because of its many benefits that includes flexibility and softness and for resistance to water, shock, cracking and UV radiation, it is used in a range of industries for a variation of purposes.  Because of the excellent protective properties of this material it is used for the Kids Cover iPad case. This same material is used as padding for equipment in sports equipment such as ski boots, hockey pads, boxing, helmets and much, much more. The list is al ...Continue reading

  • The Children’s iPad Mini Cover is Ideal in the School Environment

    We’d all love to say that our child treats their toys and learning tools with care and that we can confidently leave them alone with an iPad Mini with no fear of it getting damaged. Unfortunately this is seldom the case as most kids are notoriously clumsy and unforgiving when it comes to handling these expensive devices. iPad minis are not the most robust devices and are not especially designed to be suited to the small hands of children but with children’s iPad mini cover from Kids Cover yo ...Continue reading

  • Ergonomically Designed Covers for the iPad 2

    Are you finding it difficult to keep up with continuously advancing technology but your kids know all the latest gadgets? Maybe the first you hear of them is when your kids approach you pleading for one. One such gadget kids are more than aware of is the second generation iPad and maybe you are too. One thing parents know about all the latest gadgets and especially of the iPad 2 are that these don’t come cheap and are prone to damage when not looked after or are dropped. That’s where our pro ...Continue reading

  • iPad Kids Cover for All Generations of iPad

    You would think that because of the popularity of iPads with kids that the gadget was designed for them. Unfortunately, it was not. iPads are ideal for kids to play and learn but the design of the iPad is not ideal for the rough handling of kids. The good news is there are measures you can put in place to ensure the safety of your device. The iPad kids cover is ergonomically designed with kids in mind. Ergonomically Designed All generations of iPads still carry a hefty price tag but it would be ...Continue reading

  • Child Proof your iPad with a Childrens iPad Case

    Kids suffer falls and bumps on a daily basis, this is a given for a child first finding their feet. Clumsiness is a trait of almost all children. Unfortunately, items in their possession often suffer the same fate. Children's toys are generally built to be robust and durable to ensure they can withstand the treatment of children. Your iPad is not! Now there is a way you can avoid damage to your iPad whilst still allowing your child to have access to it. The childrens iPad case from Kids Cover i ...Continue reading

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